Production Services in the UK and Ireland

Production services for Film and Photography

Need help with film production in the UK? Look no further than Location Base London. From location scouting, to fixing and budgeting, I can help you with all your shooting requirements. I don’t consider any project too large or small.

Experience with international filming teams

I have worked with many international crews shooting in the UK with clients from Japan, USA, China, Korea, Germany, Norway, Malaysia and India. I help them with production for photoshoot and filming, location scouting and travelling.

I offer the following production services:

  • Location management
  • Fixing
  • Crew management
  • Casting
  • Equipment hire
  • Transportation
  • Prop hire
  • Hotel arrangements

 Fixing, Scouting, Management and Production

Need help with film production in the UK? Get in touch – No project is too large or small.