Production Services in the UK and Ireland

Production services for Film and Photography

Need help with film production in the UK? Look no further than Location Base London. From¬†location scouting, to fixing and budgeting, I can help you with all your shooting requirements. I don’t consider any project too large or small.

Experience with international filming teams

I have worked with many international crews shooting in the UK with clients from Japan, USA, China, Korea, Germany, Norway, Malaysia and India. I help them with production for photoshoot and filming, location scouting and travelling.

I offer the following production services:

  • Location management
  • Fixing
  • Crew management
  • Casting
  • Equipment hire
  • Transportation
  • Prop hire
  • Hotel arrangements

 Fixing, Scouting, Management and Production

Need help with film production in the UK? Get in touch – No project is too large or small.